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The Central Election Commission of Armenia has determined that the “Civil Contract” party of interim Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan 54%, the political alliance of “Armenia” founded by the second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan 21% and the political bloc “I Have Honor”, supported by the third president of Armenia, Serge Sarkissian, announced to have obtained 5% of the vote.


The outcome of the ballot box showed that the pro-Western Pashinyan party had won the constitutional majority in the new parliament and would come to power alone. According to the election results, Pashinyan’s party won 71 seats out of 107 seats in parliament. While the ‘Armenia’ alliance will elect 29 deputies, Sarkisyan’s ‘I have the honor’ party will be represented by 7 deputies.


Pashinyan, who went to his party headquarters and declared victory on Monday morning, said the period of “hard hands” had started in Armenia. Addressing the Armenian people with their gathered supporters, Pashinyan said, “Two revolutions have taken place in our country in the past three years. The first is the “Velvet Revolution”, which we won illegally on the streets in 2018. The second is the “Steel Revolution”, which is completely legal and proven by the election results. In the coming period, we will start to deliver on the promises we made to our people with the majority we got in parliament. With the force of the ballot box, we will now begin to establish the legal order, unity and solidarity in the country with a masterful hand. “We plan to involve other constructive political forces in the process,” he said.


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The election results were deemed questionable by Robert Kocharyan’s “Armenia” alliance. In a written statement from the Koçaryan headquarters, “We have no confidence in the results announced by the electoral commission. The results announced cannot be a mirror of social developments and the current crisis in Armenia over the past 8 months. We will demand that corruption at the ballot box be investigated. In an environment where all the Armenian people want Pashinyan to leave as soon as possible, it makes no sense or logic to emerge victorious from the polls. Sarkisyan’s “I have the honor” bloc, which received 5% of the vote, announced that the results were not being recognized and that the struggle would continue.


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Despite the heavy military defeat against Azerbaijan, Pashinyan’s election victory sparked controversy. Stressing the importance of Pashinyan’s participation in the election as Deputy Prime Minister, the comment was made that “Pashinyan bought the votes of the electorate using the means of the state, especially in the rural areas, or intimidated them with the police “.

Political scientist Ara Sagatelyan said: “In the 30-year period after the Soviet Union, all election-related political parties discovered and applied a thousand and one fraudulent methods. In the June 20 election, the entire 30-year buildup of cheating was used by Pashinyan and his supporters, who did not want to leave the seat of power.

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The first statement came from Azerbaijan regarding the elections held in Armenia and their results. Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Ceyhun Bayramov said: “The main reason for the deep crisis in which Armenia currently finds itself and is seeking a way out is the effort to occupy the lands of other countries by force. weapons, in defiance of international law for years. We want to believe that they have learned the necessary lessons. We realize that we have to live like two neighbors. “Azerbaijan is ready to take the measures that fall within its purview so that the neighborhood is not hostile,” he said.

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