“Perfect Brigade” in Romania – Latest News

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According to information obtained from military sources, a total of 1,351 people and 215 military vehicles have been transferred from Istanbul and Çorlu to Romania by land and air as of May 10, 2021, as part of the preparation phase of the ‘exercise. . In this context, the command of the 3rd Corps established its camp in Bucharest and the command of the 66th Mechanized Infantry Brigade established its camp at Cincu.


In particular, the 66th Mechanized Infantry Brigade is known as NATO’s most equipped and mobile Joint Task Force (VJTF), equipped with the most modern weapons, equipment and vehicles in the forces. Turkish armies. The 66th Brigade also received an “Excellent” rating during the NATO Combat Readiness Inspection last December for VJTF certification. A total of 1,100 “Excellent Personnel” from the 66th Brigade are participating in the exercise at Cincu. While the 66th Brigade provides supplies, subsistence and accommodation in the exercise area with its own resources, the unit’s health support is also provided on the ground. With the exercise in question, the Turkish army, which fought with allied countries on the Romanian front during World War I and gave martyrs, once again flew the Turkish flag in Romania as part of NATO , exactly 105 years later. In the exercise, joint training with allied nations for collective defense is carried out in accordance with Article 5 of the NATO Treaty.

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