Photo of despair … Drama at Kabul airport! This is how they delivered their babies to the soldiers

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After the chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban, who captured the capital Kabul last week, continue to seize power. The images of those trying to escape Taliban persecution are heartbreaking, especially as concerns about women’s rights persist in the country. Many countries carry out evacuation flights from Afghanistan, and in addition to their own citizens, they also send Afghans abroad who could be targets of the Taliban.


Images of some families who did not have the opportunity to run their babies over barbed wire at Kabul airport and hand them over to soldiers revealed the human dimension of the chaos. According to Western workers who are trying to leave the country with evacuation planes, families are so desperate that they are trying to get their babies out of the country in this way.


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There is great chaos at Kabul airport and it is almost impossible to reach planes due to the influx of Afghans at the airport. Passengers who will take the plane are prevented from reaching the checkpoints. The British Daily Mail newspaper called it “hell” because of the horrified Afghans who gathered at the airport.

Image of Despair ... Drama at Kabul Airport This is how they delivered their puppies to the soldiers


Paul Farthing, a former British sailor living with his wife in Kabul, told the Daily Mail that getting on a plane was almost a “lottery” and that as British and Norwegian citizens they had to return home yesterday morning because ‘they couldn’t reach the checkpoint.

An Afghan-Australian citizen speaking to US ABC television said he was unable to get to the airport due to the crowds and the sound of gunfire. Canadian translator Max Sangeen also said that although all of his documents are complete, he was stuck in Kabul with his wife and children, including their 20-day-old baby.

Image of Despair ... Drama at Kabul Airport This is how they delivered their puppies to the soldiers


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It has been learned that the remains of the body of Afghan footballer Zeki Enveri were found on the landing gear of the US C-17 cargo plane, which left Kabul airport for evacuation. Anwar, 19, was reportedly among thousands who flocked to the airport that day to escape the Taliban. Enveri, who also played for the Afghan national football team at the age of 16, said in the last post he shared on his Facebook account: “You are the painter of your life. Do not give the brush to anyone else ”. Dozens of Afghans tried to escape by clinging to American cargo planes that took off from Kabul to be evacuated, and videos showing the deaths of people who fell after the plane took off have become in the spotlight. agenda all over the world. The body remains were found on the landing gear of the plane that landed in Qatar.

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