President of the TRNC Tatar: The game played in the negotiations has been revealed!

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In his speech at the “Hayme Ana and Migration Commemoration Festival” held for the 740th time this year in Çarşamba village of Domaniç district of Kütahya, the president of TRNC Tatar said that Hayme Ana was from Central Asia and the Turkish nation was born in Malazgirt in 1071. He said that with the conquest of Istanbul in 1453 and Cyprus in 1571 he ruled over a vast geography.

Stating that their destiny and future are one with Turkey, Tatar said:

“For the survival of our nation, for the future of our nation, as a Turkish nation, it is our heart and our wish to protect our country, our nation, our flag and future generations by maintaining our unity and our solidarity against our friends and enemies in this struggle and continue our struggle accordingly.I consider a warm welcome as a value given to myself, but also to the Turkish Cypriot people, as a kind of favor given to the struggle of the Turkish Cypriot people . and what happened in the following period, but with the arrival of Mehmetçi and Turkish soldiers on the island in 1974, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus emerged as a guarantee of the existence of the Cypriot people Turkish on the basis of sovereignty, sort of, and we’ve had a fight against the whole world since that day. ir. “

Tatar stressed that they struggled even after he was elected president. Referring to what happened in this process, Tatar used the following statements:

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“We fought to establish the understanding and the politics of two separate sovereign states living side by side in Cyprus because for years before I was elected president it became clear what the game was in this ongoing negotiation for a agreement on the basis of the federation for 50 years. Under the aegis of the Federation, the majority will rule the minority. and therefore the Turkish Cypriots in the Federal Republic of Cyprus, which will be in the European Union, and Anatolia, Turkey, and therefore the separation between us and the Eastern Mediterranean dimension of the struggle that we have waged during our millennial history, the rights, interests and interests of our Turkey and of the Turkish nation in the Eastern Mediterranean. will not be fooled like that, that it can only be an agreement with the cooperation of two states living side by side, based on good politics, sovereign equality … “

Tatar said they are working for the survival of future generations. Noting that the struggle of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades had an important place in the registration of Anatolia as a Turkish homeland after the victory of Malazgirt in 1071, Tatar declared: “Good liberation. I hope to be with you on the 100th anniversary of the years to come and have a good time. Celebrating the nation’s achievements and conveying messages accordingly is what is close to my heart, it is my wish. It is the responsibility of history. “makes his assessment.

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After the speech, the Governor of Kütahya Ali Çelik presented the Tatar President with a bow and arrows.

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