Raam, key element of the new government

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At the last moment, Raam agreed to join the coalition, which was formed after a long negotiation process to end Binyamin Netanhayu’s 12-year reign. However, they will not be in the cabinet. Arab parties last played a role in forming a government in the 1990s by supporting Yitzhak Rabin from the outside. Arab parties, which harshly criticize the Israeli government, generally refuse to be part of the coalition. Arab parties closely affiliated with Jewish parties were involved in previous leftist governments in Israel, but Raam became the first independent Arab party in government. Moreover, this time in a right-wing government.


Abbas’s party left the Joint List, which included 15 MPs from 5 Arab parties, after the last election in March, saying they could work with anyone, including Netanyahu, to “improve the lives of people. Palestinians “. Despite criticism from Arab parties, Raam says he has pledged $ 16 billion to join the coalition to improve infrastructure and tackle crime in Palestinian-dominated cities. According to the agreement, he declares that the destruction of houses illegally built by Palestinians in Israel will be stopped and that the Bedouin settlements in the Negev desert, which is the party’s stronghold, will be recognized.


Some of the reactions to Raam’s involvement in government are as follows:

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Palestinian lawyer and political analyst Diana Buttu: Abbas’s party has made no progress. Their attitude is ridiculous and naive. They know nothing about Israel and Zionism.

Jafar Farah, director of the Mossawa Center, which defends the rights of Palestinians in Israel: Abbas lacks the vision to make other demands instead of focusing on Israel’s policies of occupation and repression.

Sami Abou Shehadeh, leader of the Palestinian Nationalist Party Balad: Abbas has joined the coalition and distanced himself from the Palestinians. He became part of a structure that would go against the interests of the Palestinians.


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Mansur Abbas, 47, is a dentist who graduated from the Hebrew University of Israel.

Abbas, who led the student union during his university years, later entered the administration of the Islamic Movement operating in Israel.

Although he has been criticized by other Arab parties, Abbas, who says he “behaves pragmatically”, argues that by participating in government he can “balance the political forces” and that Raam can improve lives of Palestinians, who make up 20 percent of the 9 million population.

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