Racist attacks have multiplied in Austria … The reason is the “map on which Muslim institutions are mapped”

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Ümit Vural, president of the Austrian Islamic Community (İGGÖ), said that the use of the app called “Islamic Map”, in which Muslim institutions are registered, should be completely stopped: “After this incident, the attacks against Muslims have increased. Ugly plaques were hanged in our mosques. ”Mentioned.

After the digital map, on which more than 600 Muslim institutions were recorded, was shared with the public on May 27, racist attacks against Muslims escalated and mosques in particular became the target of racist groups.

In the past two days, provocative anti-Islam posters have been hung in mosques in various cities across the country, including Vienna.

University of Vienna Rector Prof. Dr. Although the digital map, which Heinz W. Engl, the mayor of Vienna Micheal Ludwig and finally the head of the largest religious community in the country, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, are offline for now, is offline for At the moment, recent events have shown that the card serves the goals of racist groups, and not the transparency of society, as it is claimed.

Vural, the president of the Islamic community, which represents Muslims in Austria, told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that the digital work called “the Islamic map”, in which Muslim institutions are registered, is not a new situation, but the fact that the government owns it with the help of the Documentation Center on Political Islam takes the issue to a very different dimension.

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Stressing that it is unacceptable for them to collect all Muslim institutions on a map from the Documentation Center on Political Islam, President Vural said: “This is a step which can mean that Muslims in general are dangerous. We said this website should be offline as soon as possible it could be unsafe. And I’m sorry, but all of our concerns were justified. After this incident, attacks against Muslims increased. Ugly posters were hung in our mosques. he said.

Vural stressed that there is no transparency or scientific explanation for the tagging study, and said the team that carried out the study sent the content they prepared to the associations concerned, and that correction requests from these associations were not taken into account.

Stating that the map has been prepared entirely on the basis of one-sided data, Vural said, “The phrase ‘political Islam’ is becoming such that, so to speak, they show believers as representatives of political Islam.” mentionned.

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Vural noted that the Austrian Islamic community is one of the country’s 16 religious communities and that the policies and interventions towards Muslims in recent years have been different from those of other communities.

Expressing that they could not explain to their political interlocutors the harms of various issues such as the headscarf ban in primary schools and the establishment of the Documentation Center on Political Islam, Vural continued as follows:

“We see very clearly that Muslims are treated differently. If we are an officially recognized religion here, we want the same treatment as the other 15 religious communities, we don’t want different or special treatment.”

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Vural stressed that Muslims are part of Austria and that problems, if any, can be resolved through dialogue, and stressed the need to stay away from speeches and approaches that will negatively affect life together.


Austrian activist and educator Martin Weinberger, on the other hand, said Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz and his team, using the term political Islam, which has not been scientifically defined, have embarked on a “political identity ”which ignores the other elements of the country which emphasize a certain identity, and that this political attitude reached its peak with the Islamic map.

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Weinberger said the government tries to show the country’s Muslims as potential suspects by using the term political Islam, while Muslims face various intentional reading approaches to prove that they are not political Islamists, and this situation is very worrying.

Weinberger pointed out that what has been done from the headscarf ban in primary schools to the placement of the Israeli flag on government buildings are manifestations of identity politics, and said: “The Islamic card has not been supported. by the University of Vienna because it is against science. It is also against the law, we have a constitution and this constitution must be respected. We must raise our voices very strongly to prevent this policy which endangers Muslims and divides and divides the country. ”Makes his assessment.

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Detailed information such as the roof association of various organizations such as the ruling center-right Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) and the Green Party, the Documentation Center on Political Islam established under the leadership of the coalition government , more than 600 mosques and education centers belonging to Muslims, their worldviews, their managers and their addresses. He shared with the audience a digital map titled “Islam-Landkarte”.

Professor at the University of Vienna. Dr. Various segments reacting to the work prepared by the team led by Ednan Aslan said the digital map shows Muslims as potential criminals, looks like some sort of filing, and the government, which is overwhelmed with corruption investigations , once again attempts to manipulate society. by Muslims as a way out.

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