Rain to release ‘The Beast’ – Latest News

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The fire, which broke out 7 days ago in the countryside of the city of Malaga in Andalusia in southern Spain, has still not been brought under control. Yesterday it was reported that 7 thousand 400 hectares of land were burned. Due to the fires in the mountainous Sierra Bermeja region, more than 2,600 people had to leave their homes in 6 settlements. Firefighters participating in the extinction efforts in the region were reinforced by 260 soldiers the day before.


Authorities said the victims’ accommodation needs were met by placing them in hotels and indoor gyms. 51 planes, 25 vehicles and a fire brigade of about 500 people took part in the firefighting efforts, which were also supported by the military. The rain came to the aid of the forests, which were reduced to ashes by fires described as “monsters” in Spain. Local residents greeted the rain, albeit light, with applause.

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