Reaction of the Afghan family in the USA: We do not accept apologies!

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Relatives of 10 people, including 7 children, who lost their lives in an airstrike in the capital Kabul in the final days of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, said they did not accept condolences and apologies from the United States and said they wanted to immigrate to a safe country.

After the Commander of the United States Central Forces (CENTCOM), General Kenneth McKenzie, announced that the 10 people who lost their lives in the same family were civilians and apologized, the relatives of the victims spoke with the AA correspondent.

Relatives of the victims, who called the US airstrike a war crime, demanded that the international community follow up on the incident and that those responsible be held to answer in independent international tribunals.


After the attack on the house in the Hoca Buğra neighborhood, 3 kilometers from Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport, the debris has still not been removed.

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There are vehicles that have been scrapped in the garden of the house, the doors and windows of which are smashed and the walls damaged.

Romel Ahmedi, the brother of 43-year-old engineer and aid worker Zumaray Ahmedi, who was killed in an airstrike for alleged ISIS affiliation, said he lost 3 of his children in the incident and that the other deceased were his nephews and close relatives.

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Stating that he was at home on the day of the attack, Ahmedi said he initially thought there had been a suicide bombing and continued as follows:

“We do not accept the apologies of the United States from afar. Let them see up close that we are not guilty. Let them contact us and see that they are compensating us for our damages. Let the United States let us know. pay the blood price. We were already innocent. “

Noting that they have been targeted and threatened due to the US accusation of DAESH, Ahmadi said, “The US should get us out of here. noted.

Zumaray Ahmadi’s uncle, Muhammed Nesim, demanded that the international community attack those responsible and hold them accountable, saying: “This is a war crime, there is no excuse for it. he said.

Emphasizing that they belonged to the civilian population and that they had previously stated that they were not affiliated with any group, Nesim said: “They did not accept it. Finally, we learned from the press last night that our friends also called us. The United States has admitted its own crimes. We will no longer get anything by apologizing. If he covers himself first, then apologizes, then there will be no more humans in the world. made his assessment.

Family lawyer Abdulaziz Şuayb said his clients suffered material and moral damage and said the United States should compensate for this.

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Reaction of the Afghan family in the United States: we do not accept the apologies

Shuayb said, “The United States has to deal with all of this, in fact this incident cannot be compensated. Because people lost their lives, they won’t come back. This family is over, now only the family needs to be supported. They should be expelled from Afghanistan to forget the events. noted.

Recalling that the bombing of civilian settlements is a war crime, Shuayb said: “Those who commit such attacks are tried by international courts either in the country where the attack was committed or in their own country. The perpetrators must be brought to justice. Families of 10 should have the right to blood, and Afghan laws should determine the amount of that right to blood, ”he said.

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Shuayb added that US authorities have not contacted them so far.


As the United States prepared to leave Afghanistan, a large explosion occurred at Kabul airport, killing more than 100 and injuring nearly 200.

The Khorasan branch of Daesh operating in Afghanistan claimed responsibility for the explosion.

In the final days of its withdrawal from Afghanistan on August 29, the United States announced it fired at the vehicle, which had been tracked from the air for hours, as it entered the house, claiming that ” the afghan branch of DAESH belongs to DAESH -H elements and will launch an attack on Kabul airport “.

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After investigating the case, it was understood that Zumaray Ahmadi was working as an electrical engineer at the California-based charity and lobbying organization Nutrition and Education International (NEI).

Reaction of the Afghan family in the United States: we do not accept the apologies

Three children of Zumaray Ahmadi, Farzad (9 years old), Faisal (15 years old) and Zamir (19 years old), who died as a result of the attack, also lost their lives. Ayet (2 years old), Bünyamin (6 years old) and Armin (7 years old), the children of Zumaray Ahmedi’s brother, Romel Ahmedi, were among those who lost their lives.

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On the other hand, other nephews of Zumaray Ahmedi, Ahmed Nasır (30 years old) and Melike (2), and the daughter of his cousin Sümeyye (2) died.

It was learned that Ahmed Nasser, who was among the dead, was a translator working for the US military.

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