Reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the declaration of the 2nd Berlin Conference

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Foreign Ministry spokesman Bilgic held a press briefing at the ministry. Bilgiç said that they had a week of intense diplomacy last week and that they had organized important events in Antalya within this framework. Bilgiç noted that the first sessions of the Antalya Diplomatic Forum were held online due to the pandemic. Bilgiç said: “We also had physical activities. We organized around 25 events, 11 heads of state and government, 45 ministers participated. The Antalya Diplomatic Forum was strongly reflected in the national and international media . Our esteemed minister attended a conference on Libya on Wednesday, June 23 in Berlin. He will attend the meeting of the International Coalition against DAESH in Rome on Monday. On the same day, a meeting on Syria will be held with some countries with limited participation, our esteemed Minister will also participate in this meeting. G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting and meeting of G20 Foreign Ministers in Italy on June 29. The Minister of Development will participate in the joint meeting of Development Ministers ” , did he declare.


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Subsequently, responding to questions from members of the press, Bilgiç said of the process of normalizing relations with the Gulf countries, visits to Saudi Arabia and Egypt: “We attach importance to the security of the Gulf region. With the Gulf Cooperation Summit. held in early January, it aims to resolve the alliance between Qatar and the four Arabs. An important step has been taken, we supported it with a press release. Our esteemed minister visited Saudi Arabia on May 11. I can say that there is no bilateral political problem between Turkey and Saudi Arabia at this point. We wish to improve our cooperation. As for Egypt, Turkey-Egypt relations in the region are still very important for its stability and prosperity. Egypt is also Turkey’s biggest trading partner in Africa. “We are talking about a gradual process in our relations with Egypt. Our aim is to increase points of agreement on bilateral and regional issues and ‘establish a joint venture. to develop understanding,’ he said.


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Regarding the 2nd Berlin Conference on Libya, Bilgiç said: “We have always strongly supported the political process in Libya, our esteemed minister also attended the 2nd Berlin Conference in Berlin on June 23. Our minister also held bilateral meetings there. He also met with the Libyan authorities. We have adopted a very constructive attitude both in the preparation of the conference and throughout the conference. Many agreements were found in the negotiations, but we expressed reservations on certain points incompatible with the realities on the ground. “We stressed that we will not allow him to be questioned and put on the same scale with illegitimate mercenaries. That is why we put an annotation on an article of the declaration. Our support for the holding of the elections in Libya on December 24 and the smooth continuation of the political process will continue in the period to come. ” he declared.

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Regarding the US delegation and the Afghanistan talks, Bilgiç said: “The US and NATO continue to withdraw from Afghanistan as of May 1. However, it is generally accepted that Afghanistan should not be left alone. Of course, there is financial support for the Afghan army. There is also an approach of continuing to support and ensure airport security. Ensuring airport security is very important to Afghanistan. If the airport becomes unsafe, diplomatic missions in Afghanistan will cease to stay in Afghanistan. You know that the operation and security of the airport is provided by Turkey. Determined We intend to continue this responsibility after the end of the Support Mission. But for that, we need an equitable burden sharing, financial, logistical, technical and security support. We are discussing these issues with our allies. A delegation from the United States is in contact with our Department of National Defense. We will have to make legal agreements with the Afghan government if we can agree on these issues, “he said.

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Stating that relations with Russia are continuing, Bilgiç said: “The meeting of the High Level Cooperation Council, which could not be held last year, should be hosted by our country until the end of this year. Even though talks are halted due to the outbreak, there are frequent phone calls between the leaders. He met Putin. He has met with President Putin a total of 6 times, the last being yesterday, in 2021. We have multidimensional relations. 7 million tourists came in 2019. Now that has dropped to 2.1 million last year due to the pandemic. Flights have been restricted due to the pandemic. 22 “We have decided to restart flights from June. We hope that the number of tourists will increase in the coming period. Our policy regarding Ukraine and Crimea is clear. We are also happy that the tension between the Federation of Russia and Ukraine declined.

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Regarding Greece’s violation of the Athens Memorandum of Understanding with Turkey, Bilgiç said: “There is an Athens agreement between Turkey and Greece. as well as national and religious holidays in the Aegean Sea. We note that Greece does not comply with this question and declares its fields of activity during periods of moratorium. We stressed that our military authorities will also change the activation period for Turkish scopes of practice to include the moratorium period, unless they correct the announcements on the ground by June 15. In the Greek fields: “We are attached to the Athens consensus, but we should not expect the Greek side to openly violate this agreement,” he said.


Regarding the resolutions adopted at the summit of EU heads of state and government, Bilgiç said: “I can say this regarding relations with the EU; the decisions adopted under the title of Turkey at this summit are far from meeting our expectations. The decision, a formal proposal has been submitted by the European Commission regarding the new package of aid to Syrian refugees. As I entered the press conference, I also heard that an amount had been expressed. However, the migration union, which is a multidimensional issue, cannot be reduced to a financial dimension. This is not a question that can only be answered with the understanding of “we give you money, you stop immigrants”. This is the update of the March 18 Consensus as a whole in accordance with the needs of the Apart from this, it will not be possible to talk about cooperation between Turkey and the EU in particular. The EU must be aware of the burden our country has taken on in terms of migration. We continue to strengthen cooperation with the EU, especially with the migration dimension, and has evolved We maintain our expectations for this to happen, “he said.

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