Reisi and Chinese President Xi discuss Afghanistan

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According to the statement made by the Iranian presidency, Reisi and Xi spoke on the phone and discussed bilateral relations, the nuclear deal and developments in Afghanistan.

Stating that they are ready to cooperate with China for the peace, stability and security of Afghanistan, Reisi said, “The departure of foreigners and what happened in the past required everyone’s cooperation. political movements in Afghanistan. noted.

Declaring that the United States should really show that it is committed to its commitments in the nuclear deal, the chief executive demanded that the sanctions be lifted and that all commitments be 100% implemented.

Stating that Iran has decided to strengthen its strategic relations with China and that the “One Belt One Road project” is compatible with Iran’s interests, Reisi said that the implementation of the comprehensive cooperation agreement 25 years signed between Tehran and Beijing should be on the agenda of all institutions of the two countries.

Reisi thanked China for its support and opposition to sanctions regarding Iran’s nuclear program and its membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, adding: “Increasing the level of cooperation with China is the priority of the Iranian government in foreign policy. principle and supports the United States.
He condemns his arrogant intervention in the country’s relations, “he said.

The Iranian president also wanted to speed up the supply of millions of doses of vaccine purchased in China.


Regarding developments in Afghanistan, Chinese President Xi said, “China and Iran have common interests (in Afghanistan). They have cooperated in recent years. We are ready to strengthen coordination and cooperation under new conditions. used his statements.

Noting that relations between China and Iran have lasted for 50 years, Xi said they have seen visible gains, especially after the 25-year deal.

Thanking Iran for supporting China’s core interests, Xi said Tehran’s membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization would be in the organization’s long-term interests.

Thanking Iran for its support for China regarding the outbreak, arguing that some Western countries have politicized the new type of coronavirus outbreak (Kovid-19), Xi said they would be happy with Tehran’s participation in the “One Belt One Road project” and are ready to develop cooperation in this area.

Noting that the United States unilaterally left the nuclear deal and imposed sanctions and that the current crisis was due to this, Xi said they would support Iran on these issues.

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