Republicans in US demand Taliban listing as terrorist organization

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The letter, signed by Republican Senators Joni Ernst, Rick Scott, Tommy Tuberville and Dan Sullivan, expressed concerns about the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

Defending that the American withdrawal from Afghanistan was carried out “hastily” and “without thinking”, the senators note in the letter that this withdrawal has caused a power vacuum in the country and that the Taliban, taking advantage of this empty, have stepped up their attacks to overthrow the government.

The senators, arguing that after the fall of Kabul and the withdrawal of the United States, the Taliban searched the streets for people who worked with the United States, adding: “We are also concerned that the Taliban currently controls the enormous amount of advanced military equipment provided. for use by the Afghan national defense and security forces. The seized military equipment greatly increased the Taliban’s military strength. used the sentences.

Referring to the fact that Sirajuddin Hakani, the leader of the Haqqani group and wanted by the United States, took office as “interior minister” in the Taliban administration, senators argued that the Taliban pose a threat. for the United States given their history of supporting attacks on the United States, their management style and the weapons in their hands.

Recalling the authority of the State Department under the Immigration and Nationality Act to recognize foreign organizations that engage in terrorist activity and threaten US citizens and security as terrorist organizations, Senators called Secretary of State Blinken:

“We believe the Taliban meets all of these criteria; we urge you to identify the Taliban as a foreign terrorist organization and to treat them in the harshest manner prescribed by law.

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