Response to Biden’s question from Iran’s new presidential leader

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The new Iranian president, Ibrahim Reisi, held his first press conference on Friday after his electoral victory.

Its leader said the United States had violated the 2015 nuclear deal and the European Union had failed to keep its commitments.

Asked about the possibility of meeting US President Biden, the leader replied “no”.

Reisi said, “I have always stood up for human rights as a lawyer,” and stressed that he should be rewarded for his efforts by focusing on US sanctions against him.

The chief said the United States should immediately return to the 2015 nuclear deal and lift all sanctions against Iran.

Making assessments on Yemen, the leader said: “Saudi Arabia must immediately cease its intervention in Yemen.

The chief said Iran’s ballistic missile program was non-negotiable.

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The leader of the conservative candidate won the elections on Saturday by obtaining 17 million 800 thousand votes out of 28 million 600 thousand votes. Known for his strong loyalty to the regime, its leader is also considered the successor of religious leader Ali Khamenei.

In 1988, Chieftain was presented as “the butcher” in the Western press because of his involvement in the torture and execution of around 30,000 political prisoners in five months.

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