Reuters announced: There are also American citizens among them: a thousand people are stranded in Afghanistan!

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According to the statement made by an anonymous employee of the airport organizations to Reuters, around a thousand people have been stranded in the town of Mazar-i-Sharif for days. Moreover, while everyone is talking about the Kabul airport, there are American citizens among those affected by this situation.

According to Reuters, an organizer of flights in Afghanistan said about 1,000 people, including Americans, were stranded in Afghanistan for days and blamed the US State Department for the flight delay. The words of the organizer, who said they should take responsibility for those stranded, coincided with satellite images of planes waiting at the airport.

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On the other hand, Michael McCaul, the head of the Republicans on the US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Relations, said the Taliban were holding 6 US planes carrying US citizens and Afghan translators who remained in Afghanistan to the Mazar-e-Sharif airport and allowed these people to leave until the Washington administration recognized the Taliban.

McCaul commented on the plight of US citizens who still could not be evacuated from Afghanistan on the Fox News show he was on.

Noting that there are 6 American planes carrying U.S. citizens and Afghans working with the United States at Mazar-i-Sharif airport in northern Afghanistan, McCaul claimed that these planes could not take off. despite the approval of the US State Department for two or three days.

Reuters reported: There are also US citizens among them: 1,000 people stranded in Afghanistan

“The situation is turning into the detention of prisoners. Until the United States fully recognizes the Taliban, it will not allow American citizens to leave the country,” McCaul said. noted.

McCaul added that contrary to what the US State Department had announced, not only 100 to 200 US citizens remained in Afghanistan, but many more.

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