Risk in the semen of men after a certain age … “Freeze sperm before 40”

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The age to have children is increasing nowadays. Instead of becoming parents at a very young age, both women and men plan to have babies later. Reasons such as living conditions, workload, career planning, and the idea of ​​having a child after feeling fully ready push the age of parenthood forward.

On the other hand, a new study has revealed some very interesting data about being a father in old age. According to the study, mutations in the semen of older men can be passed on to their children, causing heart disease and autism.

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have detected a mutation called mosaicism in the DNA structure of the sperm of one in fifteen men. The risk of these sperm mutations has been noted. lead to congenital disorders such as heart disease, autism and epilepsy in children is higher in older men.


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Despite decades of research, the causes of autism are still unknown today, with genetic and environmental factors believed to play a role. However, recent research suggests that mutations in semen may be the cause of 10 to 30 percent of autism cases.

Lead author of the study, Dr. Martin Breuss says that unlike blood, mosaicism in semen does not change with age. “The comparison between older men and younger men showed little difference in mutations. In the study, we found that these mutations probably occur when the father is an embryo, and that the mutations can go undetected until the man has children.

In other words, it is possible for sperm mutations to occur in every man. However, these mutations are more likely to cause health problems in children than in older men.


Contrary to popular belief around the world, research shows that men also have a biological clock. The study from the Center for Reproductive and Genetic Health in London, which analyzed data from 4,300 couples undergoing fertility treatment, found that the chances of a live birth decreased by a third if the father was over 50. years.

“As a man you’ve produced sperm your entire life, so in theory you could have a child in your 90s. But the problem is, sperm quality starts to decline from your twenties,” explains Dr. Jeff Foster.

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“At the age of 30, your testosterone naturally begins to drop. So men also become less fertile as they age.”


Review of research results teacher. Dr. Ege Can Serefoglu, key points Hurriyet.com.tr said for.

Şerefoğlu said that many couples have postponed their dream of becoming parents due to our changing living conditions in recent years.In the past, couples had children in their twenties; Due to economic hardships, professional concerns and personal preferences, the number of couples who prefer to have children after their forties is quite high.“said.

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Everyone knows that a woman’s ovum reserves decline in their forties. Many conscientious women rush to have children in their thirties or take precautions by freezing their eggs.“said Prof. Dr. Şerefoğlu points out that although men believe that they are more beneficial than women in terms of reproduction and that they can produce healthy sperm until the end of their life, studies current shows that this idea is not entirely true.


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In the study, mutations called mosaicism were detected in the DNA structure of the sperm of one in 15 men, and we mentioned above that the age of men with these sperm mutations, which can cause congenital disorders such as heart disease, autism and epilepsy are advanced.

“What is the cell mutation called mosaicism?” “Ege Can Şerefoğlu, to whom we asked:”We all come from a single cell that begins to grow in the womb. Therefore, the genetic structure of all our cells is the same. However, sometimes when cells proliferate mutations occur in our genetic structure and cells with different genetic characteristics are formed in our body. This genetic variation that occurs in the same body is called mosaicism.” he has answered.

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Serefoglu said:Every day, small mutations occur in our cells, but these genetically altered cells either self-destruct or are destroyed by the immune system.»He says and adds:«Some mutated cells continue to multiply out of control and cause diseases such as cancer.


Explaining the topic of sperm mutation in more detail, Prof. Dr. Serefoglu said:Women have a certain number of eggs from the moment they are born and they consume these eggs until menopause. Unlike women, in men the precursor cells of sperm are constantly dividing and multiplying, and a healthy man can produce sperm for the rest of his life.“said.

However, Şerefoğlu pointed out that mutations can occur in the DNA structure of sperm produced in old age due to exposure to radiation and chemicals.These mutations are much less common in men who eat healthily, exercise regularly, and are not exposed to radiation and chemicals.” he speaks.


Ege Can Şerefoğlu mentions that neuro-psychological and cardiovascular diseases are more common in the unborn child when the pregnancy is achieved with genetically unhealthy sperm produced at an advanced age. He makes the following suggestions:

It is stated that men who wish to have children after their forties are at higher risk in terms of sperm mutations. For this reason, it is recommended that men who wish to have children go to an IVF center and freeze their sperm before quarantine, and use these healthy frozen sperm when they wish to have children.

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