Rohani explained: An agreement was reached during the Vienna negotiations!

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Connected by video to the opening ceremony of projects implemented in the field of energy in different regions of the country, Rouhani gave information on the ongoing negotiations between Iran and 4 + 1 and the United States in Vienna, Austria.

Stating that the counterpart is ready to lift the sanctions during the talks in Vienna, Rouhani said: “We are talking about small details. They have agreed to lift the sanctions on oil, petrochemicals, shipping, insurance, banking. central and all the banks, and that’s okay. The deal has been reached. We continue to discuss some issues to reach a final agreement. “used the expressions.

Stating that “until the expiration of the current government, the sanctions and the coronavirus will break the back,” said Ruhani, “We will have partial insurance on the crown with the vaccines that we have imported and produced by us.” mentionned.

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