Rouhani said “the main problem with the United States has been resolved” at the meetings in Vienna

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In his statement after the Council of Ministers meeting held in the capital Tehran, Rouhani made assessments on the nuclear negotiations underway in Vienna.

Stating that former US President Donald Trump has called for negotiations dozens of times and sent the Japanese Prime Minister to do so, Rouhani said: are moving forward, it is because we are patient. “We see that the problem is resolved. Trump has called for negotiations dozens of times.” mentionned.

Referring to the presidential elections to be held on June 18 in Iran, Rouhani pointed out that one of the revolution’s most important achievements is the ballot box.

“Elections and ballot boxes are our most important problem. Some do not like the word referendum, but our regime started with a referendum. The regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran was approved by referendum,” Rouhani said. . he said.

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