Rouhani: The worst injustice committed in these elections is against the regime itself

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Speaking at the end of the Council of Ministers meeting in the capital Tehran, Rouhani took stock of the presidential elections and the criticisms of the candidates.

Reacting harshly to the presidential candidates’ criticisms of the government, Rouhani said: “Unfortunately, the question of morality has been seriously affected these days. The facts are falsified. Elections are important, but morality is more important than that. shared their views.

Rouhani also criticizes the veto of the candidates and the developments that followed, saying: “Many injustices were committed during these elections. The worst injustice in these elections is the regime itself. We cannot laugh at public opinion and people’s participation. in elections. We should realistically invite the people to the elections. He demanded that injustice be done and that it be made good. Whether this is compensated for is another matter. used his statements.

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