“Royal was discriminatory in hiring” – Latest news

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In a statement by Buckingham Palace, it was noted that the Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth II comply with laws which stipulate ‘equality’ in employment, in principle and in practice.


The claim in the Guardian News is based on an official archival document containing information that a former palace employee gave to Home Office bureaucrats in 1968. The report discloses documents showing that a Senior palace official told palace officials at the time that “in practice, immigrants or non-white foreigners (a colorful expression is used) are not recruited.”


In the palace statement, the testimony which formed the basis of the Guardian newspaper report was described as “second hand testimony to what an officer said half a century ago”, and it was been stated that no conclusions should be drawn from this. In its special news, the British newspaper also included documents which were interpreted as pointing out that in the 1960s, when legal regulations were in the works which prohibited all kinds of discrimination in public office, the palace was negotiating for the settlement. which exempted it from these laws.

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