Russia forms military unit against NATO

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Russia-NATO relations, which recently experienced the most tense period in their history, are now shaken by further statements from Russia.

Russian Defense Minister Shoigu has targeted NATO. Stating that military actions have increased in neighboring NATO member countries, Shoigu announced his new plan.

The minister said they would establish around 20 new military units in the western regions of Russia.

Claiming that this situation destroyed the security system in the world, Shoygu used the following statements;

“This situation requires us to take measures to counter it.”

Shoigu also shared concrete examples to demonstrate NATO’s growing military presence in the region.

The minister underlined that the flights of American strategic bombers towards Europe have multiplied by 14 during the last 7 years.

The strained relations with NATO and the United States taking a stand on Ukraine reached their peak with the announcement by the United States of sanctions against Russia.

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Shoigu said last month: “The United States and NATO are escalating tensions. NATO has said it is preparing its troops in Europe for war.

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