Russia has fired warning shots at a British warship! Confrontation in the Black Sea

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There was a new crisis between England and Russia in the Black Sea. Warning shots have been fired at the British warship which has crossed the Black Sea in recent weeks.

According to last-minute RIA developments, the Russian warship fired warning shots at the British warship that breached the Russian border in the Black Sea.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the event. A Russian warship fired a warning light after HMS Defender, a British Royal Navy destroyer, crossed Russia’s sea borders into the Black Sea, the ministry said in a statement.

In the same statement, there was also information that warplanes had been used to remove the British warship from Russian territorial waters. The ministry reported that a Su-24 plane dropped four bombs in the waters near the destroyer.

Stressing that the British ship was in violation of the United Nations Convention, the Russian Defense Ministry called on London to “investigate the actions of the ship’s crew”.

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In a statement by the UK Ministry of Defense, it was stated that no warning shots were fired at HMS Defender.

“The Royal Navy ship safely crosses Ukrainian territorial waters in accordance with international law,” the statement said.

In the statement shared on the UK Ministry of Defense Press Office Twitter account, “We believe the Russians are conducting artillery exercises in the Black Sea and have warned the maritime community in advance of their activities. None. No gunshot was fired at HMS Defender. We do not recognize the allegation that a bomb was dropped in its path. “

Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov said there had been a significant increase in NATO activities near Russian territorial waters and condemned actions he called “provocative”.

“NATO warships with long-range weapons operate in the Black and Baltic Seas,” Gerasimov said. “The activities of these warships belonging to the United States and its allies are clearly provocative,” he said.

The Russian Defense Ministry summoned the British attaché from Moscow to the ministry. There has not yet been a statement from the UK on the subject.

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Britain and its allies do not recognize Crimea as Russian territory after Moscow annexed the region to Ukraine in 2014.

Felenk, who allegedly raped the British ship, is in Crimean territorial waters. Russia illegally annexed Crimea in 2014. According to the rules of international law, Crimea is considered to belong to Ukraine.


After the incident, a whirlwind statement came from Ukraine. Ukraine called Russia’s shooting “aggressive” and “provocative” behavior.

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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba says Ukraine and its NATO allies need qualified cooperation in the Black Sea after Russia opened warning light on the British warship in the Black Sea .

Kuleba, in his Twitter post, said the current crisis is clear evidence of Ukraine’s position.

Stressing that Russia’s provocative actions in the Black Seas and Azov as well as its annexation and arming of Crimea constitute a constant threat to Ukraine and its allies, Kuleba noted that his country and the allies of the NATO need qualified cooperation in the Black Sea.

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