Russia, US to renegotiate strategic stability in September

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Lavrov, in a statement in the capital Moscow, made assessments on strategic stability.

Recalling that Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden had a previous meeting, Lavrov drew attention to the fact that a dialogue on strategic stability between the two countries began after this meeting.

Stressing that the infrastructure for the limitation of certain categories of weapons has not yet been established, Lavrov shared the information that a new meeting will be held between Russia and the United States on strategic stability.

“The new round of meetings will be held in September. We propose to make all strategic weapons, nuclear and non-nuclear, used for offensive and defensive purposes, the subject of an agreement with the Americans,” Lavrov said. noted.

Stating that the two countries aim to achieve a common ground, Lavrov said: “Washington’s understanding that nuclear war is unacceptable is confirmed by concrete actions not only in the Putin and Biden meeting, but also in the negotiation process. “. used the sentences.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden met in Geneva, Switzerland on June 16.

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In the joint statement released by Putin and Biden, it was declared that there would be no winner in a nuclear war, and the pledge never to start such a war was reaffirmed.

As a follow-up to the agreements reached, the delegations of Russia and the United States held a meeting on strategic stability in Geneva on July 28.

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