Russia: we support direct talks between Israel and Palestine

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Lavrov and Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid answered questions from members of the press after their meeting in the capital Moscow.

Explaining that the talks are expected to be held in the format of the Middle East Quartet made up of the United Nations, the European Union, the United States and Russia, Lavrov said: “We are in favor of holding the a ministerial meeting in this format after a long break. We see that the new administration in the United States is ready for these talks. ”Mentioned.

“We consider it useful to exchange views on how the international community can help create the conditions for an agreement between Israel and Palestine, as only they can agree on the resolution of all disputes. remaining, ”Lavrov said. he said.

Noting that they also support the start of direct talks between Palestine and Israel, Lavrov said, “We have confirmed that Russia is ready to further facilitate the establishment of a direct dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians, both through mutual channels and as a member of the Middle East. Quartet. ”Used the expression.

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Responding to a question about holding peace talks with Syria, Israeli Minister Lapid said: “There are no negotiations between Israel and Syria at the moment. There is not much to negotiate. There are security talks, but Israel will not surrender the Golan Heights. to Syria, that is to say consultation. There is nothing to say. noted.

Explaining that they also discussed Iran’s nuclear program during their meeting with Lavrov, Lapid said:

“Iran’s possession of nuclear power is a problem for the whole world. It starts an arms race in the Middle East. We do not want nuclear weapons to fall into the wrong hands. Israel reserves the right to take action if the world does not. nothing about it, because it will allow Iran to become a nuclear power. We won’t let you.

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