Russian Foreign Minister and US Secretary of State Blinken meet for the first time

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Lavrov and Blinken, who are in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, for the meeting of the foreign ministers of the Arctic countries, made a statement to the press ahead of their meeting.

Stating that he intends to discuss the development of bilateral relations between Russia and the United States, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said they will discuss how to develop relations according to the phone call. Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden.

Stressing that he hopes to establish a productive dialogue with Blinken, Lavrov noted that Moscow and Washington should cooperate on issues of strategic stability, as well as on issues where their interests overlap and can achieve positive results.

“The general situation in the world depends significantly on the state of relations between Moscow and Washington,” Lavrov said. mentionned.

Emphasizing that the United States is ready to remove the “debris left by previous American administrations” regarding the functioning of Russia’s diplomatic missions in the United States, Lavrov said: “We have serious differences in the assessment of the international situation. We have serious differences in our approach to standardization. ” mentionned.

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Stating that they will also discuss the issues of the Korean Peninsula, Iran’s nuclear plan and Afghanistan with his US counterpart, Lavrov said he is ready to discuss all issues without exception, honestly and with mutual respect.


US Secretary of State Blinken also said that they are trying to establish relations with Moscow: “We are striving to establish predictable and stable relations with Russia. We believe it will be good for our people and the people. Russian, as well as for the whole world. “used the expressions.

Recalling that there is a difference of opinion between the United States and Russia, Blinken said: “As US President Biden told Russian President Putin, when there are these differences of opinion, if Russia is acting aggressively against us, our partners and our allies, we will make it respond. Biden has shown this in word and deed, not to create conflict, not to create tension, but to protect our interests. He spoke in the form.

Noting that the interests of the United States and Russia in many areas overlap, Blinken said they can increase cooperation on these issues.
“We believe that if the leaders of Russia and the United States can work together in a spirit of cooperation, then our people, the world, can be more secure. We are striving for that.” found the evaluation.

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