Russian military intelligence: US attempts to control Asia-Pacific by forming anti-China coalition

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In his speech at the 9th Moscow Conference on International Security, Kostyukov made assessments on US policy towards the Asia-Pacific region.

Explaining that the intelligence communities in the United States see Asia-Pacific as an “arena of competition” between the great powers, Kostyukov said: “The tendency of the United States to confront each other is fully manifested in the Asia-region. Pacific, the locomotive of the global economy. The United States is responsible for 45% of world trade. They aim to control this region where the truce took place. he said.

Kostyukov said the United States was trying to establish an anti-China coalition under the name of “Quadruple Security Dialogue” to advance the process in question, adding: “In addition to Australia and Japan, attention Particular attention should be paid to the involvement of India, which has traditionally pursued an independent foreign policy, in this process. The United States is trying to form an anti-China coalition by including India. Used the sentences.


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On the other hand, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu made statements on topical issues in his opening speech at the 9th Moscow Conference on International Security.

Referring to the Afghan issue, Shoigu pointed out that NATO military units have been in Afghanistan for 20 years.

Shoigu said that a “strong” state administration structure could not be established in Afghanistan and said: “After the withdrawal of NATO military forces from Afghanistan, civil war could be experienced again. , with all its negative consequences such as the worsening of the situation of the population, intense migration and the spread of extremism to neighboring countries. ” mentionned.

Stressing that there are security issues in Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific, Shoigu said that there is no mechanism including bilateral agreements to prevent military actions in this region.

Expressing that they are ready to help in the solution of such problems, Shoigu said that missile defense systems are deployed in the region in question and that this destabilizes the region.

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