Russian minister fell off cliff during exercise

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Russian Emergency Minister Yevgeniy Zenichev (55) died after falling from a cliff during the “Safe pole” exercise in the Arctic region. Zenishev’s sudden death was initially limited to the lines of “He gave his life trying to save a service person” through his institution. Hours later, details of how the event that ended in tragedy emerged.


One of the Russian journalists who attended the exercise conducted by the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Arctic region centered in the city of Norilsk, described the event as follows: “During the exercise of two days, in which 20,000 people attended, there were not only important guests from Russia, but also from Finland, Denmark, United States, Canada and Norway. The aim of the exercise was to show that the new sea route planned to be opened to the Arctic region is reliable. The Russian Emergency Ministry would show how to react in the event of a problem with the ships on the route of the polar region.


“Minister Zenichev was accompanied by the film crew. Famous director Aleksander Melnik was going to shoot a documentary about the exercise. Director Melnik walked over to the edge of the hill where we were filming and looked for a suitable angle for the camera. The Minister of Emergency Situations, Zenichev, was right next to him. Somehow Melnik slipped and fell into the abyss. Zenichev made a gesture to restrain him. In the blink of an eye, they both fell off the cliff into the water. Both the grower and the grower lost their lives hitting the stones below. Everyone froze. “No one expected such an event to happen,” he said.

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Born in 1966, St. We know that he has a close friend in St. Petersburg. After Sergey Shoigu became Minister of Defense, Zenichev was appointed Minister of Emergencies in 2018.

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