Russia’s response to the threat of EU sanctions: we will respond proportionately

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Zaharova made a written statement regarding the decisions taken regarding Russia at the summit of EU leaders.

Stressing that they do not accept the “unfounded” and “unfounded” accusations against her country at this summit, Zaharova said there were “systematic” problems in the EU’s strategy towards Russia. .

Expressing that the EU is refraining from establishing a dialogue with Russia on issues such as information and cybersecurity, Zaharova said: “The EU is trapped in cyclical interests which contradict the wishes of Europeans. made his assessment.

Zaharova said:

“Confirming our desire to continue the dialogue with the EU on an equal footing
We do. However, this dialogue cannot be accompanied by preconditions and threats of unilateral illegal sanctions against our country, despite the hopes of EU member states. A proportional response will be given to them. Brussels knows this well. ”

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, at the joint press conference held after the summit of EU leaders, “We have decided to push back when Russia targets the EU, to stand up when it violates human rights and to limit Russia when it harms our interests. “had used the expression.

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