Sanctions against Belarus by the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom

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In the joint statement made by the three countries, it was expressed that they are deeply concerned about “human rights, fundamental disabilities and the attitude against international law” of the administration of President Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus. “Today, in response to the forced landing of the Ryanair plane traveling between two European Union (EU) member states on May 23 and the political detention of journalist Roman Protasevic and his friend Sofiya Sapega in the plane, and the ongoing attack on human rights, “the statement read. We made a coordinated sanction decision. The phrase was used. In the statement that they came together to charge the The Belarusian administration paid for its blatant disregard for international commitments, the following statements were included:

“We are united in calling on the regime to end its oppressive practices against its own people. We are disappointed that the regime has chosen to move away from its human rights obligations, its adherence to democratic principles and its relations with the international community. Full cooperation with the Lukashenko regime in international investigations into the events of May 23; immediate release of all political prisoners; We are also united in our call to implement all the recommendations of the independent expert mission under the Moscow Mechanism of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and to engage in a comprehensive and genuine political dialogue between the democratic opposition and representatives of civil society, mediated by the OSCE. ”


In a second statement by the US State Department, it was reported that entry visa restrictions had been placed on 46 people who could be linked to human rights violations in the country, including the plane incident of May 23. In the statement, it was noted that these people held important positions in the Presidency of Belarus, the State Security Committee, the Interior Ministry, the Investigation Committee, the Ministry of the Interior. Information, Ministry of Sports and Tourism, National Border Committee, Ministry of Health, Constitutional Court, Prosecutor General’s offices and Minsk district courts. In addition, the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States Department of the Treasury sanctioned 16 people and 5 other entities under Presidential Executive Order 13405. “phrase was used.

“Since the fraudulent elections of August 9, 2020, the US State Department’s presidential decree ‘PP 8015’ has led to politically motivated arrests, prosecutions and convictions of peaceful protesters, journalists and political figures who play a role. important in the crackdown on independent media, “” said 155 Belarusian and Russian citizens on the sanctions list. “The statements were included.


The Ryanair plane, which carried 123 passengers from Athens to Vilnius on May 23, made an emergency landing at Minsk airport after a bomb threat while in Belarusian airspace . For safety reasons, a Mig-29 fighter plane was lifted to accompany the plane on the instruction of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. While checking the plane at the airport, Belarusian citizen Roman Protasevic, founder and former editor of a social media account wanted for involvement in terrorist activities in Belarus, was arrested and it was stated that the bomb threat had made as a result of the research was unfounded.

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