Scandalous evacuation from Germany: a giant cargo plane took off from Kabul with only 7 people!

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There was a big reaction on social media that Germany took just 7 people in the A400-type military cargo plane sent to Kabul, the Afghan capital.

Igor Levit, one of Germany’s best-known artists, said in a statement on Twitter: “In the face of this disaster, not filling the plane with people is incomparably inhuman. It’s a shame. It’s a shame. Those responsible who don’t. understand what war is. I can’t find the words to say it. Seven people only seven. Because the others. “It wasn’t on the list.” He reacted to Germany’s failure in the evacuation operation by using his expressions.

Journalist Hasnain Kazim said: “Hello, Federal Army, did you save seven or just seven people from Kabul where you were lucky enough to land? Is it because you only have these people on your list? Are you serious ? He criticized the evacuation operation by asking questions.

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Another social media user said: “Seven people in an empty plane. Others were not on the list. It is the humanity of the European Union. These are your Christian values. He reacted harshly by making statements.

On the other hand, in the statement made by the Foreign Ministry, it was stated that only 7 people could be evacuated from Kabul, and the reasons were that the roads leading to the airport were dangerous and the people to be evacuated. could not reach the airport.

Outrageous evacuation from Germany: giant cargo plane took off from Kabul with only 7 people

In the statement, it was stressed that intensive efforts will be made to continue the evacuations.

It was learned that after the failure of the evacuation operation, the German authorities intended to take 200 people aboard the A400 with a capacity of 135 people on the next plane.


On the other hand, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier made a statement on the latest situation in Afghanistan and criticized the footage at Kabul airport.

Stating that the images of chaos at Kabul airport, where thousands of Afghan citizens gather to flee the country, are “shameful for the West,” said Steinmeier, “the images of despair in Kabul are shameful for the Western world. There is a human tragedy in Afghanistan, and we all have a responsibility for it, ”he said.

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