Scandalous event in Germany! The joke came true … the doctor was fired

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According to information in the country’s press, a doctor at the vaccination center in the city of Böblingen administered the vaccine to the 9-year-old boy accompanying his father to be vaccinated.

Speaking to local radio, the father said the doctor asked his daughter if she was afraid of injections when they were sitting in the vaccination booth, then disinfected his daughter’s arm.

Saying he thought it was a joke, the father said the doctor then dipped the syringe containing the Biontech vaccine into his child’s arm.

The father noted that the doctor admitted his mistake and immediately apologized.

Stating that his daughter was placed under surveillance in the hospital after the vaccination, the father said that his daughter’s condition is good.

Schwaben police said an investigation was underway against the doctor.

The lawyer for the company operating the vaccination center said the doctor assumed the child was a high-risk patient who needed to be vaccinated and the doctor was fired after the incident.

It has been announced that children over the age of 12 will also be able to receive the Kovid-19 vaccine from June 7 in Germany.

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