Scandalous words from Nikos Anastasiadis! Clear response from TRNC President Ersin Tatar

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In a written statement, President Tatar assessed the call by Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades to “return” to the Turkish Cypriots.

Claiming to have put the proposals for a solution based on the existence of two separate equal sovereign states on the negotiating table for the first time in Geneva (April 27-29), Tatar noted that the Greeks continued to use all means and methods to neutralize this proposed solution.

Tatar said: “In this sense, the head of the Greek Cypriot administration Nikos Anastasiades called for ‘the Turkish Cypriots must return to their former functions in the Republic of Cyprus and the constitution must be restored’. He plays the game of changing the agenda and gaining a picture by throwing a “bubble” every few months. While saying a two-state solution, a confederation, a cowardly federation on the one hand, and now the so-called “return to the Republic of Cyprus”, Mr. Anastasiades has lost all credibility. It is also expressed openly by the political circles opposite.

Emphasizing that the Greek Cypriot leader has once again shown how insincere he is about reconciliation with his inconsistent and impossible to implement statement, Tatar noted that it would be very helpful to recall the past.

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Recalling that Turkish MPs were expelled from Parliament with death threats in the House of Representatives, the joint legislative body of the Republic of Cyprus, after the Greek attacks on Enosis on December 21, 1963, Tatar pointed out that the Republic of Cyprus was also transformed into a Greek state.

Tatar recalled that the rights granted to Turks in the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus have been violated and that many laws such as the National Guard and the Law on Municipal Elections have been unconstitutionally enacted.


Recalling that Glafkos Clerides, the then Speaker of the House of Representatives in the Republic of Cyprus, threatened Turkish MPs who did not accept unconstitutional decisions, “not to bring them to Parliament”, Tatar said, “Meanwhile, the Greek government leadership and propaganda units also” against the Turks against the Republic of Cyprus “. It serves the world the lie that they revolted and Turkish MPs left Parliament. “used the sentences.

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Tatar addressed the Greek Cypriot administration with the following words:

“The era of empty words and supposedly cute statements is over in Cyprus. The time has come to act for reconciliation, cooperation and stability. The way to achieve this is not for a return, but for a realistic and lasting reconciliation, which is required by the changing conditions of our island, our region and our world. Our wish is that Anastasiades thinks about how we can implement the solution formula based on both Existing states and institutional cooperation, which he himself has said before, instead of wasting time with such senseless, unrealistic and impossible to implement rhetoric. ”

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