Scientists warning: Kovid-19 can spread with pollen!

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We learn something new every day about the Coronavirus (Kovid-19), which has been part of our lives since 2019. Scientists modeling the spread of the virus have made an interesting discovery.

Experts from the University of Nicosia in southern Cyprus created a computer simulation of the willow, a pollinator, and modeled the spread of its grains.

The model determined that in a light breeze, pollen could reach a crowd 20 meters away in just a minute, showing that it could help viral particles move along the way.

Based on the results, the scientists pointed out that the frequently recommended six-meter social distancing may not always be enough to reduce the risk of the spread of covid-19.

Experts said that on a busy day, the average tree can lift more than 10 pollen grains per cubic meter in the air, and each can carry hundreds of viral particles.

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In the same study, it was pointed out that this situation could cause the infection of hundreds of people.

Specifically, the team examined how 10,000 pollen grains that fell from their trees would affect a community of 10 people and 100 people about 20 meters away.

The team also explained that it has the potential to transport the viral particles further. In other words, it increases the risk of infection for people within range of the tree.

“To our knowledge, we are showing for the first time through modeling and simulation how airborne pollen micrograins are carried by a gentle breeze, contributing to the transmission of the virus in crowds outside”, said Prof Drikakis, speaking on behalf of the team that conducted the research. .

As part of the project, advanced fluid dynamics models were used to create a computer simulation of how pollen moves through the air from a willow tree in the wind.

The full results of the study were published in the journal Physics of Fluids.

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