Secret 9/11 documents shared after 20 years

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The FEDERAL Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released the first of the documents, based on its investigations into the 9/11 terrorist attacks and which have so far been closed on instructions from US President Joe Biden. The 2016 document includes details of logistical support for two of the Saudi hijackers. The 16-page document, which is recorded as providing travel, accommodation and financial assistance to the two hijackers, by Saudi citizen Omar al-Bayumi, who is said to be an intelligence agent, appears to be heavily censored. George W. Bush and subsequent Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, who were in office at the time of the attacks, refused to declassify the documents, citing national security concerns. However, Joe Biden had instructed the authorities to review the documents on the subject and publish what they could publish over the next 6 months. Further documents on the attacks are expected to be released.


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Relatives of the 9/11 victims, who have long demanded that the documents in question be shared with the public, called on Biden: “Do not attend commemorations if you do not allow the documents to be released.” Although relatives of the victims claimed the Saudi government was aware of the attacks, there was no evidence of such a link in the published document. Due to the fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers involved in the attacks are Saudi citizens and that Osama bin Laden, the head of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, is of Saudi origin, the Saudi government has long been the target. the victims. families. The congressional 9/11 commission provided no evidence that the Saudi government or its senior officials were involved in the attacks. In the statement made by the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington, it was once again pointed out that there was no connection between the hijackers and the Kingdom.


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During the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States, 4 passenger planes were hijacked and two of them crashed into the Twin Towers of New York. Another hijacked plane targeted the Pentagon in the capital, Washington, while the fourth plane crashed in the countryside of Pennsylvania. About 3,000 people died as a result of the attacks.

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