Self-criticism of the European Union’s “Afghanistan”: “We must learn a lesson”

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Borrell, during the session of the European Parliament’s General Assembly on Afghanistan held in Strasbourg, assessed the Taliban takeover after NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan as “a tragedy for the Afghan people, a loss for the West and a possible game changer in international relations ”.

Stating that this is an “expected situation” for some people in the interim government announced by the Taliban to be on the terrorist list, Borrell said they will work to evacuate Europeans and people working for democracy in Afghanistan, which are still there. , and that they must be protected.

Borrell said: “The problem now is the need to be self-critical about how we should deal with the new government, what we should be doing in a large region, as well as the lessons to be learned in state building. elsewhere in the world. Because what happened in Afghanistan has taught us a lot. It is more difficult than US President (George W.) Bush anticipated before the invasion. ” noted.


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Stressing that to have an impact on the development of events in Afghanistan, a relationship with the Taliban is necessary, Borrell stressed that Europe must make a serious assessment of the lessons learned from recent events.

Regarding building relationship with the Taliban, Borrell said, “Relationship does not mean recognition. Relationship building is talking, discussing and reconciling whenever possible ”. he said.

Stressing the importance of establishing dialogue in politics, Borrell said: “We need to establish some kind of dialogue, especially for the aid we need to send to Afghanistan. he said.

Borrell stressed that countries such as Tajikistan, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and China should be considered as part of regional efforts.

Recalling that the EU has conditions for the level of the relationship to be established, Borrel said the Taliban does not export terrorism, respect human rights, the rule of law and freedom of press, establish an inclusive government, authorize humanitarian aid and allow Afghans with foreigners to leave the country.

“To demand respect for the human rights of the Taliban may seem counterintuitive, but we must demand it of them. Borrell said they plan to have an EU presence in the capital, Kabul.

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Noting that they still have a delegation in Afghanistan, Borrell said that presence can remain there when security conditions are met.

Borrell also said they will coordinate with Afghanistan’s neighbors and countries in the region, and that they should work together to prevent population influxes, terrorism and drug trafficking.

Stating that he did not expect a large influx of refugees unless there was a civil war in Afghanistan, Borrell said they could not provide financial assistance to the Afghan people at this time. , and that the frozen assets could be used for the stability of Afghanistan. in the future.

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