She claimed to have given birth to 10 babies … Turns out she was lying!

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In the first days of June, news of the birth from South Africa made headlines in the world press; It was announced that this unique birth would enter the Guinness Book of Records.

The 37-year-old South African woman named Gosiame Sithole came out on top by claiming that she had given birth to 10 children at once. Sithole’s husband said seven boys and three girls were born by Caesarean section at a Pretoria-area hospital in the first week of June.

Speaking to the country’s press, Sithole said doctors told her she was initially pregnant with six children. However, after subsequent checks, this number was increased to eight. According to the woman’s claim, the other two babies were only discovered during surgery.

According to reports from the UK’s Daily Mail, which made headlines, if Sithole’s claim was confirmed by doctors, she would break the record for a Malian woman who gave birth to 9 babies in April.

News in the South African press revealed the truth behind this birth story, which is being followed with curiosity by the world. Gosiame Sithole was not even pregnant, let alone giving birth to 10 children, and she made up this lie to raise charity money from her relatives and loved ones.

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Authorities, who investigated whether she would enter the Guinness Book of Records and researched the authenticity of the birth, determined that there had been no such birth.

While it was reported that the woman resorted to such a lie to get help from loved ones and disappeared after receiving help, it was reported that Gosiame Sithole, who was later found , came out and was taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

The situation of the woman, who shared her pregnancy photos and huge belly, but did not appear after the birth was announced and did not share the photos of the babies, has already aroused suspicion by many .

The South African woman’s pregnancy photos were also said to be fake. It was understood that the woman increased the swelling by placing various devices on her stomach and thus deceived people.

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