She turned her ex-lover’s life into a nightmare.

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In England, management consultant Philippa Copleston-Warren (46) has turned her lover’s life into a nightmare. When Copleston-Warren learns that her ex-lover has started a new relationship after her, Copleston-Warren hatches a terrible plan. He hacked Alexa, the home voice assistant.

He started to spy on the house like a hacker. When her ex-boyfriend was not at home, she would log into Alexa and give commands to scare the new lover.

Copleston-Warren, who asked Alexa to turn the lights on and off in the house, once asked the new girlfriend to tell her to leave the house. This is how he kidnapped his new girlfriend back home.

It was not enough, however. She posted nude photos of them together on her ex’s Facebook account. She also published articles claiming the man had two children out of wedlock. Then he changed the account password.

This prevented the photos from being deleted. The ex-lover did not give his password even though he asked for it. He was able to close his account following complaints.

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The ex-lover, who is the plaintiff, said: “As if it wasn’t enough for him to infiltrate my house like a ghost, these photos have landed on the screens of my business partners in Pakistan. My reputation has been destroyed. He became a complainant.

The hearing took place the day before. “Our passwords were common,” Copleston-Warren said. I did not hack anyone, “he defends himself. His sentence will be announced in October.

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