Sherman visited the Patriarch, met Kalın

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During his visit to the Patriarchate, Sherman was accompanied by the United States Ambassador to Ankara, David M. Satterfield, and the United States Assistant Under Secretary of State, Matthew Palmer.


Stating that the United States has a long-standing relationship with the Patriarchate, Sherman said they cooperate on global issues that transcend national borders. Patrik said: “I heard in the media that President Erdoğan and US President Biden will meet in Brussels to cooperate. I think this is a sign that relations are at a good level … I will be visiting the United States in October and looking forward to meeting US President Biden.


Sherman and Kalın met at the presidential office in Dolmabahçe. At the leaders’ meeting in Brussels, bilateral and regional issues were discussed. At the meeting where Turkey’s security concerns were reiterated, expectations regarding the PYD and FETO were conveyed to the US side, and it was mentioned that despite the differences of opinion, advancing relations with strategic understanding and a positive agenda.

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