Shock after shock for the Afghan administration! The Taliban entered the stronghold of Dostum

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The country is on fire as the United States prepares to complete its withdrawal from Afghanistan on August 31. The extremist Taliban, which began to gain traction quickly after the US and NATO decision to withdraw, seized Zaranc, the center of Nimroz province on the Iranian side. border the day before and turned it into northern Turkmenistan yesterday. News began to arrive that the border province of Juzcan had regained control in central Sibirgan.


Juzcan is important in that it is a region under the control of Marshal Rashid Dostum, the former Afghan vice-president of Uzbek origin. As Dostum met with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in Kabul yesterday, footage was released showing that Shibirgan and Dostum’s residence was under Taliban control.


While the French news agency AFP said that Shibirgan had fallen, the administration in Kabul said that Taliban fighters entered the city, but that the city did not completely fall, according to the US agency AP. . Over half a million people live in the city of Shibirgan, mostly Turkmens and Uzbek Turks. If Shibirgan falls, centers in two provinces in two different regions will be under Taliban control within 24 hours. Controlling mainly rural areas, the Taliban’s shift to cities attracts conflict to residential areas, and this is an element that further aggravates migration. On the other hand, according to information from the Anadolu agency, the Taliban are advancing towards the center of Kunduz province, in northern Afghanistan, on the Tajik border. It has been reported that 11 civilians have lost their lives and many injured in the clashes that have taken place since the previous night in areas near the center of the province.

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The American newspaper New York Times had interesting allegations about Zaranc, the center of Nimruz province, which the Taliban controlled the day before. As a result, Nimruz is one of the most important transit points for illegal immigration, drug and fuel smuggling, and a place where security cannot be maintained. Much of the illegal immigration to Iran is organized by smugglers. It was claimed that local administrators in Zaranc had struck a deal with the Taliban and fled the conflict in Iran.


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Due to the increase in violence in AFGHANISTAN, the US and UK embassies in Kabul have asked their citizens in Afghanistan to leave the country as soon as possible using any flights they can find. The U.S. Embassy said in a statement that U.S. citizens should immediately leave Afghanistan using available commercial flight options.

The embassy’s ability to assist US citizens in Afghanistan is severely limited given the security conditions and reduced manpower, the statement also warned citizens not to travel to Afghanistan. The British Embassy has made a similar appeal to British citizens.

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Shock after shock for the Afghan administration, the Taliban entered the fortress of Dostum


It was reported that the US administration sent B-52 bombers and AC-130 support planes to the region in the face of the Taliban’s rapid progress. According to the British newspaper The Times, planes known as the “flying fortress” took off from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan in Qatar and the Arabian Sea and targeted Taliban forces around the Afghan cities of Kandahar and Lashkargah. While it is claimed that declining U.S. air support has left the Afghan army defenseless, the United States plans to complete its military presence and operation in that country on August 31.

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