Shock after shock in Japan! Stopping the vaccine took another life

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Vaccines against Covid-19 are currently our best weapon against the virus. One such vaccine, which has passed safety tests and is widely used around the world, is Moderna, the mRNA-based vaccine from the US company Moderna.

A pharmacist in the Kanagawa area was doing a final vaccine check when he saw black particles in the tiny vial. The rest of these vaccine batches were suspended after the authorities confirmed the event.

However, 3,790 people had already been vaccinated before the incident occurred.

It was reported that a person in Japan died shortly after being shot with a new type of coronavirus vaccine (Kovid-19) from the Moderna series, which was discontinued.

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The Japanese Ministry of Health has announced that a 49-year-old person from the Moderna series vaccine, the use of which was suspended after the detection of foreign substances in its contents, died after some time.

The ministry noted that the unidentified person died a day after the second dose of the vaccine, but no foreign substance was detected in the vial of the vaccine given to that person.

The ministry said “the causal link between the death of the person in question and the Moderna vaccine remains unknown.”

Takeda, the production company Moderna and its sales and distribution partner in Japan, have announced that the causes of death are being investigated in cooperation with the ministry.


Announcing that there was contamination in unopened Moderna vaccine vials and foreign substances in some vials at the end of last month, Japan’s health ministry decided to collect 1.6 million doses of Kovid vaccine. -19 not used.

Shock after shock in Japan Interrupted vaccine took another life

Public broadcaster NHK reported that 1.6 million doses of the vaccine have been distributed to 900 health campuses across the country.

Takeda, on the other hand, said that as a safety measure, doses from the same production line have been suspended in Japan.

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Kono Taro, cabinet member for Kovid-19 vaccines, announced that more than 500,000 doses of vaccine have been administered from the series in which “potential contamination” was detected.

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