Shocking Claim About Biden: He Told Ghani “Create The Perception The Taliban Are Losing”

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As a result, Biden reportedly pressured Ghani to make it look like things were not going well for the Taliban, whether things were going well in Afghanistan or not. Biden appears in the documents to say, “Whether it is real or not, there is a need to present another image.” It also emerged from the phone call that neither side could foresee that the Taliban could take control of the country in less than a month.

“Take the leaders with you”

In the speech, we see that Biden made suggestions on how to change the negative perception of the Taliban’s advance both in Afghanistan and in international public opinion. Biden, who suggested that Ghani hold a press conference taking with him such figures as the Minister of Defense, General Bismillah Khan Mohammedi, Marshal Rashid Dostum and ex-President Hamid Karzai, claims that s’ they let it be known that they have a strategy, the perception can be changed. . Gani, on the other hand, rejects this proposal, claiming that Karzai will not be of any help.


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Stating that if the Afghan administration shows determination on the ground, it can continue its air support, the US president said: “You have 300,000 fully equipped soldiers compared to 70 to 80,000. If we know what we are doing, we will continue our air support. “We are facing a total invasion,” Ghani said. Ghani fled the country when the Taliban arrived.

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