Shocking moments … They raided the factory while they were “exercising”!

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The raid on a sunflower factory by 7 US soldiers, who allegedly received incorrect instructions during the NATO exercise in Bulgaria, caused panic.

According to reports in the national media, 7 American soldiers who participated in the NATO exercise “Swift Response” organized near the Cheshnigirovo air base accidentally attacked a sunflower plant in the region.

The raid by American soldiers, who were allegedly given the wrong instructions, was reflected on the cameras.

The footage shows armed US soldiers breaking through the factory wall and pointing guns at the workers.

The soldiers, who neutralized the workers of the factory by ordering them to “lie down, not to move”, sowed panic.

“I was so scared that I didn’t even have the courage to call for emergency help,” one of the workers, Georgi Neshev, said in a statement. mentionned.

Factory owner Marin Dimitrov said he approached the Defense Ministry and asked for an apology and explanation.

Dimitrov said he had not yet received a response and had filed a criminal complaint with the Supreme Military Court in Plovdiv.

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Describing the armed raid as “a great insult”, Dimitrov said: “We have been crushed and humiliated. We have received official death threats. We were treated like gangsters or terrorists. he said.

2,200 soldiers, 30 combat aircraft and one helicopter are participating in the exercise.

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