Shocking news from France! He made a radioactive bomb in his house

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In the Haut-Rhin province in eastern France, a right-wing extremist who allegedly made a radioactive bomb containing uranium has been arrested. According to French media, the Colmar police station was informed that on August 26, a student at the Marcel Rudloff training center in the city of Rouffach was showing videos of explosives making to his friends.


Police found 4 bombs in the raid on the 26-year-old home. The bombs were found to contain uranium oxide dust and a mineral stone that emits 2,500 becherel rays.


The person who prepared the bombs was arrested for “producing explosives”. Police found swastikas and white supremacist masks from the Ku Klux Klan used by the Nazis at the home of the arrested person.

The prisoner said he obtained the bomb-making equipment from the internet and aimed to detonate it in an empty space. He also claimed that the detainee had psychiatric problems.

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