Social networks talk about Taşkın Daşdan … The British tourist left him his fortune!

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On social media, a Turkish employee named Taşkın Daşdan speaks …

Because Daşdan, who works as a bellboy in a hotel in Kuşadası, has become the subject of a story that cannot be matched by his films.

Daşdan, who befriended British tourist Charles George Courtney, who came to the hotel where he worked for years, became the owner of a small fortune.

British newspaper Daily Mail wrote that the deceased Courtney included her Turkish friend in her will.

The event, which was on the social media agenda in no time, made Taşkın one of the most talked about names in England in no time.

Stating that he had known Courtney for many years, the Turkish employee said: “We treat everyone the same at the hotel, not as a tourist, but as part of our family.”

Social networks Taşkın Daşdanı talks ... British tourist left him his fortune

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Taşkın pointed out that he also treated Courtney the same. Stating that he also supports the education of the British tourist’s children, Taşkın said they were unable to meet Courtney in her later years due to her illness.

Taşkın said: “He didn’t come back when he got sick, but we were still seeing each other. He said he enjoyed his job and planned to continue working.

Although the diary did not disclose the extent of Courtney’s legacy in Daşdan, it did report that this situation was surprised by family members.

Social networks Taşkın Daşdanı talks ... British tourist left him his fortune

In the same news, it was specified that the inheritance in question was “sufficient for the Turkish employee not to work again”.

Courtney, who comes to Kusadasi on vacation every year, died earlier this year.

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