Spain is grappling with the fires! 7 thousand 400 hectares of land were in ashes

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In information reported by the Spanish news agency EFE from the region, it was stated that more than 2,600 people had to leave their homes in 6 settlements due to the fires in the mountainous region of Bermeja.

Officials from the Autonomous Administration of Andalusia announced that 8 roads have been partially closed to traffic in the current situation, and the accommodation needs of the victims have been met by placing them in hotels and indoor sports halls. .

Teams consisting of 41 planes, 25 vehicles and more than 360 people are participating in the fire extinguishing efforts, which are also supported by the military.

A firefighter who took part in the work died on the second day of the Malaga fire, which is billed as the biggest fire in recent times in Spain.

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