Spain’s death toll from coronavirus rose to 80,465

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According to data updated by the Ministry of Health, the number of cases detected per 100,000 people across the country was 110.

The ministry announced that the daily loss of life and the high number of new cases linked to the epidemic were due to the update of the number of deaths linked to past dates in the region of Catalonia and the addition of 9,381 cases that were not recorded on January 1-June 6 in general data.

The death toll in the country has reached 80,000,465 with an increase of 133 in the past 24 hours, and the number of cases has reached 3 million 729,000,458 with an increase of 14,000 4.
In Kovid-19 data announced yesterday in Spain, the daily death toll was 23 and around 4,000 new cases have been detected.

The government ended the state of emergency, which included restricting free movement across the country for 7 months and a nighttime curfew due to Kovid-19 on May 9.


In Spain, where vaccination studies were accelerated in Kovid-19, 25.1 percent of the population (11 million 893 thousand 951 people) completed the vaccination process, while the number of those who received at least a dose of vaccine was 20 million 600 thousand (43.5% of the population).

The government had set a target of completing the vaccination of 70 percent of the population by the end of the summer.

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