Speaker of Parliament Şentop met Galibaf, chairman of the Iranian Islamic Advisory Council, on the phone

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Şentop had a telephone conversation with Muhammed Bager Galibaf, chairman of the Islamic Advisory Council of Iran.

During the meeting, Şentop said that relations between Turkey and Iran are based on historical depth, cultural proximity between peoples, strong human ties and neighborliness, “The existence of complex issues affecting our countries in our geography requires the pursuit of a high-level dialogue environment. ”he spoke.

Şentop stressed that the continuation of political dialogue and traffic of contacts between the competent authorities, in particular the presidents of the two countries, despite the Kovid-19 epidemic, is a manifestation of the common will to strengthen relations.

Noting that there is a determination between parliaments to take relations between the two countries to the next level, Şentop recalled that the epidemic affected both Turkey and Iran.

Şentop wished God’s mercy to those who lost their lives in the epidemic and the healing of the sick.

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Parliament Speaker Şentop continued as follows:

“For the Islamic world, for the future, unfortunately, we have had a sad holiday, although we are hopeful. The bitter news which continues to come from Palestine and whose dosage continues to increase offends us deeply. It is impossible not to worry about Palestine as we see the desperate attacks on our brothers and sisters, the dire situation that has escalated into the deaths of dozens of civilians in Gaza, not to mention babies and children. children.

As Turkey, we will resolutely support our Palestinian brothers in the struggle for freedom and justice from now on, as we have done so far. We are deploying all kinds of diplomatic efforts under the leadership of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to end Israel’s brutality. As our President has stated, there is a need to take immediate and concrete steps to teach the occupying Israel a powerful and dissuasive lesson. The passive and contradictory attitude of the international community is a waste of time which is costing the Palestinian people dearly. ”

Şentop said that international parliamentary organizations should be mobilized urgently to react to this issue as quickly and firmly as possible, saying: “I know we agree on this issue. hosted the first meeting of the ISIPAB Palestine Committee in Tehran on May 24. I have heard that you want to convene a meeting in Palestine. We would like to attend every meeting on Palestine wherever it is in the world and I would be particularly happy to respond to your invitation.

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Mohammed Bager Galibaf, Chairman of the Islamic Advisory Council of Iran, said: “What happened in Palestine is unacceptable. All parliaments, all Islamic people should speak out on the Palestinian issue. I invite you to Iran. I will be happy to welcome you to Iran. ” mentionned.

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