Staggering Research Result: Snake Venom Can Cure Kovid-19!

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Could the magic recipe to stop the spread of Kovid-19 be hidden in the venom of a giant snake? Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, scientists have been working on a drug that will prevent the spread of the disease or prevent patients’ condition from worsening when infected.

A recent study in Brazil, the results of which have been announced, is promising in this regard. Moreover, the thing that can accomplish this miracle can be the venom of a snake …

People in the unit, who studied the venom of a rattlesnake called “Jararacussu”, one of the largest snake species living in Brazil, obtained startling results.

Researchers examining the components of the venom have found a molecule in the deadly venom of these rattlesnakes that inhibits the development of the coronavirus in monkeys.

According to the results of research published in the medical journal “Molecules”, this molecule inhibits the proliferation of Kovid-19 in monkey cells by 75%.

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Professor at the University of Sao Paulo. Dr. Rafael Guido said in a statement: “We have succeeded in showing that the substances contained in the venom of this snake inhibit a very important protein of the virus”. noted.

research at the University of Sao Paulo

This molecule is a peptide, a chain of amino acids. This peptide binds to a coronavirus enzyme called “PLPro”, which allows the virus to multiply in the body without harming other cells.

This peptide, known for its antibacterial properties, can be synthesized in the laboratory. Guido also points out that there will be no need to catch or injure snakes for this reason.

“We don’t want the Brazilians chasing and chasing these snakes, thinking they are going to save the world.” These words belong to Giuseppe Puorto, a snake expert based in Sao Paulo. Puorto “It is not the poison that will cure the coronavirus, it is important to remember that.” said.

In the next phase of the research, scientists will assess the effect of this molecule at different doses and see if it can prevent the virus from entering the cell in the first place.

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The research team hopes the molecule will be tested in human cells soon, but the exact date is not yet clear.

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