Statement by EU High Representative Borrell on Turkey

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Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Relations and Security Policy, assessed developments in Afghanistan and the attitude to be adopted by the EU, in a statement on Spanish public radio RNE.

“When we see the footage on the first day at Kabul airport, we understand what they risked leaving the country.” said Borrell, continuing thus:

“There has already been an Afghan migration for 3 months. There have been and there will be more arrivals to Europe via Iran, Iraq or the Eastern Mediterranean. This shows that we need to work closely with the transit countries. a humanitarian crisis. Here Turkey plays a very important role. “There will be a lot of people who will try to go through Turkey, but this is not a concern for the present, but for the future. The important thing right now is that Kabul Airport is starting to operate. “

Stressing that the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan is the failure of the West, Borrell said: “What happened in Afghanistan is a defeat for the Western world. We must have the courage to see it and recognize it with all its clarity. noted.

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Noting that the EU’s statement that she was to meet with the Taliban had surprised some, Borrell said: “We need to talk to them. If we don’t talk to those who take control of Kabul, we can’t pave the way for airport security. “defended his point of view.

Borrell said they accept the evacuation of Afghan citizens or those in danger of death, who cooperate with EU countries in Afghanistan as a duty and a responsibility, and that they are making great efforts to that.

Stating that the EU representative in Afghanistan is still in that country, Borrell said that although limited, military planes connected to the EU have resumed flights at Kabul airport, which is under the control of Taliban.

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