Statement by George Bush, the person behind the invasion of Afghanistan: “We watch sad events with deep sadness”

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Former President Bush and his wife Laura Bush assessed the latest situation in Afghanistan in a joint statement.

The Bush couple expressed sorrow for the Afghan civilians who have suffered so much, the Americans who have made many sacrifices and their NATO allies. Former President Bush said: “Laura and I view the tragic events in Afghanistan with deep sadness. used the expression.

Stressing that the leaders of progress in Afghanistan are currently in great danger, Bush recalled that President Joe Biden had promised to evacuate the Afghans who are helping America and NATO allies. “The United States has a legal mandate to remove bureaucratic barriers for refugees in urgent humanitarian crises. We now have the resources and the responsibility to ensure safe passages without bureaucratic delays. Our most powerful allies, as well as non-governmental organizations, are ready to help them, ”said Bush. made his assessment.

Bush said he trusted the US military to carry out the evacuation efforts and wanted to speak directly to all US soldiers who served in Afghanistan.

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Stressing that nearly 65 percent of the Afghan population is under 25, Bush said the Afghan people can overcome difficulties.


After the attacks of September 11, 2001, the United States launched the operation to invade Afghanistan, which it dubbed “Permanent Freedom”, on October 7, 2001, on the grounds that it was hiding Osama bin Laden and other Al Qaeda leaders. During this period, George W. Bush held the presidential chair in the United States.

The Bush administration has often been the target of criticism, both in the United States and elsewhere, for its pro-war policies in the Middle East in general.

More than 20 countries, including members of NATO, supported the United States in the operation which lasted 13 years during the period 2001-2014.

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