Statement by NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg on the June 14 summit: the main item on the agenda is “gun control”

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Stoltenberg spoke at a joint press conference with Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte after a meeting at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

“I look forward to welcoming US President Biden to Brussels in a few weeks.” Stoltenberg said:

“When we meet, I am sure we will discuss many issues, from NATO’s relationship with Russia to how NATO will adapt to a Russia responsible for more assertive and aggressive neighborhood actions, and to our 2030 agenda. “

Stoltenberg said one of the most important issues to be discussed at the NATO summit on June 14 will be arms control.

Expressing satisfaction with the agreement between US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to extend the scope of the arms control agreement, Stoltenberg said more weapons systems should be included in the scope of the ‘agreement.

Stoltenberg stressed that Biden will travel to Moscow after the summit and discuss this issue with Putin, and stressed that the visit is part of NATO’s strategy for dialogue with Russia.

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Stating that it is important for NATO to be cautious given Russia’s recent military build-up around Ukraine, Stoltenberg said he believed a clear message of unity would emerge from the summit in that direction.

Stressing that they will support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia as well as Ukraine, Stoltenberg noted that this is important due to Russia’s violation of their territorial integrity.

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