Statement by the Iranian President on Afghanistan

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According to reports from Iranian state television, the President of the Republic made assessments on the agenda in his speech at the Council of Ministers meeting held in the capital, Tehran.

Stating that his country will follow a foreign policy that prioritizes neighbors and strengthens relations with neighbors during the new period of government, Reisi said, “The most active government diplomacy should be with neighbors. We must do our utmost to increase trade and economic cooperation with our neighbors because it is good for strengthening relations and increasing Iran’s share in regional trade. Opportunities are available. Used the sentences.

Referring to developments in Afghanistan in another part of his speech, Reisi described the events in Afghanistan during the 20 years of US occupation as “gross human rights violations committed by the United States” and said:

“If we just look at the number of women and children killed, injured or maimed in Afghanistan over the years, we can see what a silent disaster this country has experienced.”

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Reisi said that the presence of the United States in different countries and regions of the world has never contributed to security, on the contrary, the American presence in these regions undermines security, stability and peace. he said.

“The Americans are trying to create an atmosphere against our country by raising certain issues today,” the chief said. noted.

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